Proper Dose of Capsicum Extract

What is the proper dose of capsicum extract for weight loss?

proper capsicum extract doseWhen consuming a natural extract for weight loss one of the most important things you should take into consideration is the proper dose. In order to experience the weight loss effect of a natural extract such as capsicum, you should take the proper dose each day on a regular schedule.

The recommended dose of capsicum extract the weight loss is 500 mg twice per day. You can take one 500 mg dosage of capsicum extract in the morning when you wake up, and then take the second 500 mg dose of capsicum in the afternoon.

It is recommended that you take your capsicum dose with a large glass of water prior to a meal. It may work well to consume the proper dose of capsicum extract before your breakfast with a large glass of water. You can also take a second dose with a large glass of water about 30 minutes before your lunch break.

By sticking with a regular schedule of consuming capsicum extract before a meal, it may be easier to remember to take the supplement. Often times individuals who want to lose weight do not stick with a regular schedule and end up forgetting to take the supplement at all. This is another reason why many doctors recommend that you stick with a normal schedule.

Some people want to know if taking more than 500 mg twice per day is safe. Since capsicum extract is a natural supplement, and there are not any known side effects, it may be possible to lose more weight by increasing the dose of capsicum. This is a topic that should be talked about with a medical doctor or your personal physician. Only a doctor can give medical advice about how much of a weight loss supplement you should take. The article on this website is for informational purposes only, so be sure to have a conversation with your doctor before trying anything extreme.

Perhaps the most important aspect of getting the proper dose of capsicum extract in your system is consuming a supplement that contains pure ingredients. It will do the body no good to consume 500 mg of a capsicum extract supplement that is stuffed full of binders and fillers and has very little active ingredient.

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