Capsicum Extract Information

Capsicum Extract

Capsicum Extract is the chemical found in hot peppers. The burning sensation you receive when you eat a hot pepper is caused by capsicum. Not to worry though because this will not be problem when taken pill form. The capsicum extract is found in massive quantities in the white pits around the seeds. Some peppers contain more capsicum extract than others. For instance the sweet bell doesn’t contain any capsicum but on the other hand the ‘Trinidad Scorpion’ registers at a Scoville rating of 1,463,700. Keep in mind 15,000,000 is Pure Capsicum.

Capsicum Extract for Weight Loss

Scientific research has been done in an encapsulated form, in which they found to be more effective than when found in food form. This is great because if you had to eat a ton of hot peppers to lose weight, it wouldn’t be very sustainable. Research subjects that have taken capsicum extract(In pill form) have found benefits such as greater energy expenditure and weight loss.

What Dr. Oz says about Capsicum Extract


How does Capsicum Extract help loss weight

There are three main way capsicum extract will help you fight the battle against weight loss.

  1. 1) It increases your energy expenditure rate.
    Capsicum increases catecholamine secretion from the adrenal gland, this stimulates beta-1-adrenergic receptors in your body. These receptors cause an increase activity of the muscular responsible for increasing the heart rate. This in-turn causes an increase in energy and burns extra calories.
  2. 2) It deters fat cell growth.
    It’s been found that capsicum actually changes how fat cells function. Instead of growing as they normally would, capsicum has been shown to help shrink fat cells by making them more metabolically active. People given a supplement containing .4 milligrams capsicum and 625 milligrams green tea extract for two weeks showed a drop in body fat compared to their starting values.(Buy Green Tea Extract)
  3. 3) It reduces your food intake.
    Research done in Netherlands took both healthy men and women and gave them a supplement containing .9 grams hot red pepper with tomato juice 30 minutes before they consumed each of the four daily meals. The satiety(Being ‘Full’) was greatly increased in both men and women. This shows how capsicum can help you eat less.